Circle of Hope Society Honoring those who help strengthen our vision of future services with a planned gift.

As a nonprofit organization, we depend on the wonderful generosity of our donors to keep the heart of cancer support going strong in Greater Cincinnati. Within this network of support, planned giving plays an especially important role, enabling us to plan for the future.

The Circle of Hope Society is a way to recognize our donors for planned gifts during their lifetime. With the donor’s permission, members of the Circle of Hope Society are listed in the annual report and on the donor wall at Cancer Family Care. In addition, members are invited to the annual meeting and other special events.

If you have made an arrangement for a planned gift, please let us know! We want to thank you for your gift, understand your full intentions, and demonstrate good stewardship of your gift.

Contact Cancer Family Care’s Director of Development, Kevin Hackman, at (513) 731-3346 or
so you can become a member of the Circle of Hope Society.

We respect the privacy of donors who wish to remain anonymous. Financial advisers may also inform us of gifts without disclosing donor names.

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