Every year, more than 4,000 people throughout Greater Cincinnati turn to Cancer Family Care. As a nonprofit organization, we could not do this work without the generous support of individuals and organizations.

What Your Gift Supports

$1500 will help cover the cost of counseling for more than 200 different families dealing with cancer, struggling to get through the days with their new way of life. Cancer doesn’t just affect the patient. It affects the entire family and Cancer Family Care is there to help everyone. The cost to Cancer Family Care for these family services is right around $300,000.

$1000 will help offset the costs associated with CFC’s school group counseling programs. CFC counselors and social workers serve students in more than 40 Tristate area schools.

$500 will help cover the entire cost of one camper at Camp Courage – This day is life-changing for so many kids. The camp offers art therapy, relaxation therapy, learning to talk about feelings, helping kids know that they’re not the only ones dealing with cancer in the family, and of course – they get to have fun. CFC even supplies transportation to and from the offices at Red Bank to Camp Joy.

$250 will help cover the cost of two professional counseling sessions. The average reimbursement to Cancer Family Care from insurance and copays is less than 10%. Your donation will help continue to ensure that no one is ever turned away for financial reasons.

$100 will help cover the cost of a wig appointment. The average cost for a wig can run from $200 – $500 and even up to $1000. Cancer Family Care wigs are FREE.


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Give Through Mail

We welcome any donations through the mail via check, cash, or money order.

Cancer Family Care
4790 Red Bank Expressway, Suite 128
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Contact Anne Luecke at 513-731-3346 or for more information about ways to give