Unsung Heroes Class of 2022

Oncology Professionals

Dr. Faisal Ahami
Mollie Beck, PharmD
Kristine Bushman, RMA
Dr. Cynthia Chua
Jamie Denlinger, Nurse Navigator
Diane Detmer, RN
Lori Gasparec, RN
Erin Gratsch
Dr. Anton Khouri
Sarah King
Michelle Kirschner, NP-C
Dr. Prasad R. Kudalkar
Jayne Leisring, RN
Joanie Manzo, RN, BSN
Rebecca Meyer
Chantia Miller
Kris Niehaus, RN
Maureen O’Brien, MD
Dr. Olugbenga Olowokure
Dr. Kruti Patel
Chris Popa, RN
Dr. Kathleen M. Raque
Tricia Redding
Stacey Reese, LISW-S
Kimberly Roach
Dr. Soma Sengupta
Aaron Statt, RN
Tara Streicher
Michelle Strole, RN
Jane Temple, CNP
Ann Thomas
Brandi Turner, RN
LaKisha White, RN
Aimie Willhoite, MSW, LSW
Dr. Dene Wrenn


John Bach
Jane Ball
Lori Bronner
Kathy Carlisle
Megan Craig
Karen Frazier, RN
Mary Holbrock
Meredith Hughes
Grace McConnell
Melissa McDonald
Jan Middleton
Michael Smith
Lori Sponsler


Mishica Barham
Terri Beuttel
Tracy Denholm
Brooke Desserich
Katie Durbin Marshall
Renata Engel
Lois Griswold
Matthew Howard
Heather Hunycutt, RN
Cheryl McDonald
Grace McKay
Lynn Money
Darnell Parker
Leigh Ann Pfetzer
Angela Stone
Beth Webster
Greg Wheeler
Aubrey Willis
Patricia Woodall

Oncology Professionals

Cancer Support Community

Chris Popa, RN nominated by Kelly Schoen
Chris Popa has been a guided imagery practitioner for Cancer Support Community since 2003, she is also a retired nurse and certified Y-cat Yoga practitioner. Chris’s classes, both in guided imagery and gentle yoga, touch each of her clients, seeming custom to their needs. Chris has changed lives. She teaches her clients how to control their fears and emotions. Chris is kind, compassionate, and passionate. These traits especially, make everyone with whom she interacts feel that they are unique, lovable and loved

Christ Hospital Health Network

Diane Detmer, RN nominated by Michelle Strolle, RN
Diane has been a staff nurse in the cancer center for many years and wears many hats. She is a charge nurse, infusion room nurse, preceptor to student nurses, new nurses, and seasoned nurses who are new to the cancer center. She is someone that people go to because of the wealth of knowledge she has. Diane’s care and knowledge have been appreciated by the many patients and their families she has served over the years.

Lori Gasparec, RN nominated by Diane Detmer, RN
Lori has worked as an oncology nurse at the Christ Hospital Cancer Center since 2019. She has shown her professionalism and compassion for oncology patients in big ways. Lori takes on extra projects to make the cancer center run smoothly and has a wealth of knowledge. Lori helps celebrate milestones with patients, such as last treatments and birthdays. She is always smiling and even while wearing our masks, everyone can see her happy personality. She is a great co-worker, nurse, and friend.

Kris Niehaus, RN nominated by Cheryl McDonald & Melissa McDonald
Kris has provided tremendous support and inspiration with a smile. She encourages others to explore different books with book recommendations. Kris always makes sure to answer her patient’s questions, so they fully understand which makes thy feel like they are the only person she has to care for. Kris’s kindness and warmth make her patient’s cancer journey more bearable.

 Aaron Statt, RN nominated by Lori Gasparec, RN
Aaron is a great asset to the Christ Hospital Cancer Center. He’s always willing to help and share his knowledge and skills where it’s needed most. His positive aura is contagious, he works efficiently and safely. He is that ray of sunshine that our patients need on those cloudy days. He is intuitive and proactive, and he has a delicate approach to very difficult conversations with patients.

Michelle Strole, RN nominated by Misty Bostic
Michelle is not only an RN, but an advocate, educator, caring friend, cheerleader, and trusted guide to our most vulnerable patients and their families. She knows when a smile or hug is needed, but most importantly when they just need someone in their corner. Michelle is also a great co-worker and friend. She takes time to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all her team members. Michelle is a vital part of The Christ Hospital Oncology Service Line.

Aimie Willhoite, MSW, LSW nominated by Miranda Seta
Aimie works tirelessly for her patients in the Christ Hospital Cancer Center. She works late almost daily and has such a profound impact on everyone she meets. She is sweet, kind, gentle, and always takes the time to listen.


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Dr. Maureen O’Brien nominated by Lisa Hess
Dr. Maureen O’Brien is a person who has achieved great things throughout life and has sacrificed so much so that others may have great lives.  Many of her sacrifices remain hidden and most often go unnoticed. She is someone who makes a positive difference every day for her patients, their parents, and families, along with her coworkers. She stands out among the Oncology Physicians group in her area, as being one of the most caring and compassionate doctors there has ever been.

Kettering Health

Kristine Bushman, RMA nominated by Christine Leak, APRN
Kristine is one of the very best medical assistants out there. She helps start the patient’s visit off each time with a smile and compassionate attitude. Kristine is always focused on the patient’s comfort. She is very kind and helpful to the patients, their families, and her co-workers. Kristine’s co-workers feel that they are very lucky to have her on their team and could not manage without her!

LaKisha White, RN nominated by Amanda Telinda
LaKisha is the definition of selfless, caring, dedicated, and compassionate. She goes above and beyond for all her patients.  She prays with them, listens to them, and impacts them more than she realizes. We are so thankful to have her as part of our team.

Mercy Health

Erin Gratsch nominated by Jennifer Scales
Erin is a 5-year breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed on a mobile mammography coach and since then has made it her mission to educate and serve women on the importance of Breast Health. Erin has a true passion for educating and encouraging women to be proactive about their breast health.  Erin is a voice of comfort and positivity for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. She will stop at nothing to make sure a woman does not go through the process alone.  She shows women that there is life after cancer.

Jayne Leisring, RN & Dr. Kruti Patel nominated by Diane Shapiro & Colleen Feldman
Dr. Patel and Jayne worked together to assist a patient with very limited resources to receive a life-saving auto stem cell transplant process. The two of these professionals were creative in their ideas to find solutions to each of the problems that surfaced.  Many other staff would have deemed this too difficult a task and may have turned away from the challenges.  This team of two compassionate women used their knowledge and ingenuity to successfully help this cancer patient through the auto stem cell transplant process.  This patient was successful due to the excellent patient-focused care she received.


Dr. Cynthia Chua nominated by Samantha England
When Samantha England was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, a few weeks before her wedding. Dr. Chua helped Samantha, her fiancé, and her family get the help they needed and reassurance to move forward with their big day. Dr. Chua’s knowledge and guidance got Samantha’s husband and her through their first year together knowing Dr. Chua had her best interest at heart. Dr. Chua is an incredible doctor, and truly cares about every patient.

Dr. Prasad Kudalkar nominated by Danyell Weisinger
Dr. K has been there every step of the way since Danyell’s diagnosis in 2020.  Dr. K not only found a surgeon to perform the lifesaving surgery on Danyell but researched and got the top-notch treatment needed. Dr. K goes above and beyond the call of duty and there aren’t many doctors like him. He doesn’t only help his patients fight; he fights with them. Dr. K lives for his work, helping others to fight and beat this terrible illness.

Joanie Manzo, BSN, RN nominated by Dr. Ajit Gubbi & Dr. Suzanne Partridge
Joanie works tirelessly for her physicians and practice to assist in helping the patients get the best experience possible. She is always thinking of ways to ease referrals, improve communication, and troubleshoot.  If there is ever a problem, her co-workers can turn to Joanie to help solve the problem 100 percent of the time. Joanie’s coworkers describe her as, “one of the most dedicated, caring and compassionate individuals they have ever met”.

Rebecca Meyer nominated by Dr. Suzanne Partridge
Becky Meyer is a dedicated employee who strives to do the best job she can every day. She helps to reassure patients with her kindness and humor.  Becky’s dedication to making the patients’ experience a positive one, despite the challenging circumstances is appreciated every day.


Tricia Redding nominated by Dr. Suzanne Partridge
Tricia always dives into work every day with a smile on her face. She always has a sunny attitude even when it can be a very trying job. She can always see the bright side and always tries to pick her co-workers up when they are not having a good day. She is superb at communication with the patients too and has great organizational skills. It is great to work with such a wonderful woman on a daily basis.

Kimberley Roach nominated by Tammy Ritter-Poling
Kim is the superhero behind the scenes. Every one of Kim’s phone calls, emails, and check-ins make her patients feel as if they are her only patient.  She is kind, has a caring heart, is compassionate, and is willing to always go the extra mile. She truly is WONDER WOMAN and I’m very grateful and thankful she’s on my team!!


Tara Streicher nominated by Dr. Suzanne Partridge
Tara is a vital part of the OHC care team.  When patients are coming in to start a new treatment, she is a star player when it comes to helping patients with financial concerns around their cancer treatments and all the changes the patient and families can face.  She goes above and beyond to make sure that the financial burdens can be managed and even helped to secure donations of food for a family having additional struggles so they would have one less thing to worry about.

Dr. Dene Wrenn nominated by Taylor Harris
Dr. Dene Wrenn is a dedicated physician who deeply cares for her patients. Every time she walks in, she lights up the room and takes the time to listen to you. I am so unbelievably thankful for her.


St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Mollie Beck, PharmD nominated by Halley Holmes & Alicia Gesenhues
Mollie is an oncology pharmacist and a great asset at St. Elizabeth. She is not only a great resource but has worked on several teams to dramatically improve the patients’ experience. Mollie is an invaluable resource to her physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. She balances the art of medicine, with the need for evidence-based care. Mollie’s full impact on Cancer Care cannot be articulated.


Dr. Faisal Adhami nominated by Dr. Ed Crane
Dr. Adhami has provided outstanding care to the patients for many years with incredible compassion and dedication. His patients love him and his team for their kindness and availability. Dr. Adhami is an outstanding colleague and teammate. In addition to looking after his patients, he also looks after his staff. Dr. Adhami always goes above and beyond for his patients, team, colleagues, and his family!

Dr. Anton Khouri nominated by Paula Berryman
Dr. Anton Khouri was Paula’s Radiation oncologist and met him after she had chemo and surgery. Dr. Khouri and his team were amazing. Dr. Khouri walked Paula through any problems and explained everything in great detail. He listened intently and would check in with phone calls and texts. Dr. Khouri is a one-of-a-kind doctor and Paula felt lucky to have him navigate her through radiation.

Sarah King, LPN nominated by Michelle Ruscher
Sarah is part of a tag team partnership at The Thomas Center’s Radiation Oncology Center. Sarah goes out of her way every day to welcome patients and make them feel part of the family. She is so caring about everyone’s needs and goes above and beyond in the care she provides at the front desk.


Chantia Miller, RN nominated by Sarah Werk
Chantia is an amazing oncology nurse who is so knowledgeable about the field and truly cares about every patient she sees. Chantia shows passion in her work as the infusion charge nurse every day and is a great role model and leader. Her kindness and patience in a stressful work environment make for a wonderful and positive working environment. It is a pleasure to work with her each and every day and she is so deserving of the unsung hero award!

Dr. Kathleen M. Raque nominated by Paula Berryman
Dr. Raque treats patients as one of her friends, helping to ease the emotions that come with discussing surgery.  She takes the time to discuss treatment plans and gives her patients the confidence to know that they can and will make it through surgery.  Dr. Raque thanks for being my cheerleader, my great surgeon, giving me such great care, but most importantly giving me the gift of laughter when I needed it most.

Stacey Reese nominated by Paula Berryman
Stacey makes her patients feel understood and as if they were talking with a friend over coffee. She is an advocate for mental health and has developed a Patient Family Advocate Committee to get feedback on what is going well and what improvements are needed to make each oncology patient’s experience better at Trihealth

Ann Thomas nominated by Michelle Ruscher
Ann works at the front desk of The Thomas Center-Radiation Oncology Department. Ann has found her calling! She connects with patients, makes them feel like one of the family and brings joy to a day that could otherwise be a bad day! Her team decorates the waiting area for all the various holidays and makes the center so inviting, that you actually look forward to and enjoy coming in for radiation! She is a True Unsung Hero

UC Health

Jamie Denlinger, Nurse Navigator nominated by Dr. Soma Sengupta
Jamie goes above and beyond in taking care of patients and making sure that they are guided to where they need to be, even on his days off. He is always working hard to find ways to make the patients experience better!

Michelle Kirschner nominated by Dr. Soma Sengupta
Michelle goes out of her way to try and help cancer and brain tumor survivors in a highly empathic manner. She is always going above and beyond her call of duty. Michelle is a great advocate for patients!


Dr. Olugbenga Olowokure nominated by Carolyn Krisko
Dr. Olugbenga Olowokure always enters the room with a smile on his face and gives you his full attention which shows he cared. Dr. Gbenga brings a sense of calm during a very difficult time and is a true gem at the UC Cancer Center. Thank you, Dr. Benga, for being with us from diagnosis through today, cheering Andy on, and inspiring him to help others along on their journey. Whether you realize it or not, you have made a huge impact on our lives.

Dr. Soma Sengupta nominated by Robert Schultz
Dr. Sengupta worked tirelessly and used multiple types of traditional as well as experimental treatments to give Robert 3 1/2 more quality years with his dear wife. Dr. Sengupta went way above and beyond their expectations and devoted a lot of her free time to doing this. Soma made Robert and Janet feel like old friends right from the start and all throughout Janet’s treatment kept Janet at peace with her condition. Dr. Sengupta is not only a brilliant and exceptional physician but a caring and truly kind human being.

Jane Temple, CNP nominated by Stacy Shawhan
Jane’s coworkers describe her as “wicked smart, empathetic, dependable, and overall, just amazing to work with”. She brings a rare combination of clinical knowledge and interpersonal skills that optimizes care for the patients and also makes it easy to work as a team in a very stressful environment.

Brandi Turner, RN nominated by Marilyn Kugler
Brandi is a clinical nurse at the Barrett Center and is an integral part of the team. She is the glue that holds the team together and ensures everyone has what they need to be successful. She is professional, reliable, and compassionate. Brandi is incredibly organized and conscientious which is essential when taking care of our high acuity patient population.


John Bach nominated by Julie Bach
When John Bach’s wife, Julie Bach, was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer in July of last year, John stayed home to help set up all her appointments and plan of attack. Ever since he hasn’t missed an appointment even though he often couldn’t join in person due to COVID. John started a blog to keep their family and friends updated. John was also by Julie’s side when they learned that she had a full response to all the treatment and is now cancer-free!

Jane Ball nominated by Diane Shapiro
Jane Ball is the epidemy of the ultimate caregiver. Her husband, Phill had a matched unrelated bone marrow transplant for a rare form of leukemia. Jane brought Phill to all his appointments and kept an organized binder with all his meds, symptoms, and pertinent medical information required. Jane’s faith and strength never failed. Jane and Phill always have a positive attitude and have helped other patients and caregivers struggling through the same journey.

Lori Bronner nominated by Amy Lane
Ever since Lori’s husband, Ron was first diagnosed with colon cancer she has been an excellent caregiver. Lori has been the “quarterback throwing the passes and engaging the team” (their friends and family) and running the ball herself on every play. Lori and their three daughters, Taylor, Brooke, and Stella have been so incredibly loving and brave over the past year as their husband/dad, Ron, has battled metastatic colon cancer.

Kathy Carlisle nominated by Krista Rush
Kathy is the spouse of a current cancer patient and the sister of an existing cancer patient. To say her plate is full is an understatement. Kathy is always taking care of her family members with a smile on her face. Kathy considers it a privilege to care for her family and if she can play a small part in making their lives easier, she feels rewarded. Kathy knows where her strength comes from and isn’t afraid to share it. Kathy exemplifies selfless love and caring.

Megan Craig nominated by Sonnia Richards
In 2018, Megan’s mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She stepped up to take their mom to all her appointments. Along with appointments, she helps her mom with daily health needs, goes on errands for her, and helps clean the house.  She organizes important paperwork and tracks appointments, making sure her mom is prepared and knows every detail of her mom’s routine. Megan continues to work full time but if any of her family needs anything, she helps without hesitation. Megan’s love and companionship played a vital role so far in her mom’s fight.

Karen Frazier, RN nominated by Christine Leak, APRN
Karen is a nurse but more importantly, she is a sister. Not only does she act as the medical liaison for her family, helping to what CT scans and tumor markers mean, but she is the caregiver. Monitoring her sister’s vital signs and helping decide when she needs care in the hospital while also being aware of not only physical health but their mental health as well. Karen’s sister, Tammy has had a difficult journey but made it easier by her sister’s love and caring.

Mary Holbrock nominated by Sarah Werk
Mary has been a wonderful caregiver to her husband John through the whole course of his cancer journey. Mary is quick to answer phone calls, efficient in keeping track of all of John’s appointments and medications, and is quick to report any issues that arise.


Meredith Hughes nominated by Carol Bonner
Meredith has helped organize zoo experiences for children undergoing treatments from the CBDI and BMT departments at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Meredith makes these experiences personal and loving. Meredith goes above and beyond to give these kids who suffer from their diseases a day of escape that they talk about for months after. Meredith is a true example of an Unsung Hero and most deserving of this recognition.

Grace McConnell nominated by Alexia Zigoris & Kent Wellington
Grace carefully and thoughtfully plans each woman’s gift as if it’s the only one.  In 2022 the Karen Wellington Foundation will give 700 gifts of fun to women and families living with breast cancer.  Grace takes the time to make sure every need is met.  Grace embodies her name not just in our recipients and their families, but in all she does.


Melissa McDonald nominated by Joe & Cheryl McDonald
Melissa has been a major blessing in guiding her mother throughout these past few years. Melissa has returned from living abroad for 17 years to be her mother’s cancer caregiver. She has dedicated her life to being an advocate for her mom and for cancer patients. She has endlessly researched treatments and recommendations to ensure that her mom receives the best care possible. Melissa has been a guiding angel for her family throughout this journey.

Jan Middleton nominated by Michelle Ruscher
Jan is the North Star with a local support group called Pink Ribbon Girls which supports breast and gynecological cancers. Jan goes above and beyond every day to support patients who struggle with peer support. She operates monthly virtual calls to help patients connect with others and supports patients with mental issues along their journey to survivorship. Jan truly represents that No One Travels This Road Alone!

Michael Smith nominated by Melissa McDonald
As a father, husband, son, brother, dear friend, and coworker, Michael is a true hero to many. Michael is supporting his amazing wife Erica who has brain cancer. Throughout our time knowing each other, I have witnessed Michael’s endless dedication to his family and friends. He continues to work and support his family in spite of the hardships faced by Erica’s diagnosis. In addition, Michael has been a tremendous support to my mom and me. He sent a lovely care package during an especially difficult time. Michael is an amazing person who deserves to be recognized and honored.

Lori Sponsler nominated by Dr. Neetu Radhakrishnan
Dr. Radhakrishnan had the opportunity to take care of Lois Woodall, Lori’s mother for almost 10 years. Lori was optimistic, good-natured, always positive, kindhearted, and always ready for Lois, despite the many problems she herself was going through too. I loved Lois’ and Lori’s sense of humor, despite all that was going on. It takes great patience, love, and wisdom to be able to provide care as Lori has.


Mishica Barham nominated by Sarah Werk
Mishica is an incredible patient who showed nothing but strength and kindness throughout her whole course of treatment. She always lights up the room, as everyone loves to be around her. Mishica managed all her treatments while taking care of two small children and did it with grace and perseverance.


Terri Beuttel nominated by Lori Gasparec, RN
Terri is a cancer survivor with an incredible zest for life. She has a contagious positive attitude which makes it a joy to care for her. She spreads positivity to the patients around her which encourages them effortlessly. She loves her life and her family fiercely; she enjoys traveling and spending time with friends. She is a strong woman and a superhero of role models.

Tracy Denholm nominated by Christine Leak, APRN
Tracy Denholm has been an inspiration to the healthcare workers at Kettering Cancer Care at Fort Hamilton. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2020. She always has a positive attitude and has not let this disease slow her down. Tracy is an Unsung Hero because of her strength and courage every day.


Brooke Desserich nominated by Ketih Desserich
Brooke Desserich is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive director of one of the most innovative and fastest-growing cancer charities in the pediatric field.  In 2020 she started her own battle with cancer, rather than pausing her efforts, she continued to work, keeping online meetings, and finding innovative ways to raise money for research despite COVID.  She balances all of life’s challenges, because her family is the centerpiece of our lifestyle, whether it is in our own home or the homes of children everywhere deserving a chance to win the battle against cancer.

Renata Engel nominated by Paige Rowland
Through Renata’s cancer journey she has remained positive and strong. Renata always has a smile on her face and a contagious bubbly personality. Although she is fighting her own battle, she selflessly goes out of her way to put a smile on other people’s faces. Renata has the most optimistic outlook on life, and you never hear her complain no matter what life throws at her.

Lois Griswold nominated by Dr. Ed Crane
Everyone loves Lois, and Lois tries to spread love and happiness to everyone she meets.  Despite needing to go through chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy for her cancer, she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She has incredible empathy for the care team and shows her support through dozens and dozens of baked goodness. For many years, she regularly baked treats for the Boston Red Sox including the year they won the World Series. Her generosity and wonderful spirit know no bounds.

Matthew Howard nominated by Dr. Soma Sengupta
Matt is a brave GBM warrior who is well-read, always has a smile for us, and has intelligent questions. Throughout his treatment he has worked full-time, he is simply incredible.


Heather Huneycutt, RN nominated by Michelle Strole, RN
Heather Huneycutt is being nominated for the unsung hero award for her inspiration to other women with breast cancer and how she has shared her journey on social media. Heather never felt sorry for herself. She was upbeat, positive and a joy to take care of.

Katie Durbin Marshall nominated by Holly Ammann
Katie Durbin Marshall is a breast cancer survivor and a special person. When Katie started her treatment, she quickly realized that not everyone, for many different reasons, has the same type of support system that she does. So, she talked to other patients, showed them her surgery scars, shared her experiences, and offered comradery and support. Her selflessness and strength make her an Unsung Hero.

Cheryl McDonald nominated by Lisa Denny, Sarah Hughes Chris Lawhead, Joe McDonald, Missy Mullen & Melissa McDonald
Words cannot express this wonderful woman. Although Cheryl has been fighting for so long, she always puts others first and has never lost her faith or drive. She continues to be a daily inspiration to her family and community. She encourages others to continue to find strength through support with Cancer Support Community and Cancer Family Care. She always approaches every treatment and appointment with a positive approach and determination.

Grace McKay nominated by Monica McKay
Grace was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma just after her 16th birthday, in Jan 2021. Grace missed out on a lot, but she rarely complained or felt sorry for herself. Instead, she grew in her faith and kept a smile on her face as she focused her energy on continuing to live life to the fullest while she tried to get better. As she returned to school and the cross-country team, Grace gave it her best every day and quickly regained her strength.  She finished the season as her team’s fastest runner in the State meet, even surpassing her pre-cancer PR! Grace is a quiet young lady who doesn’t like the spotlight, but she gained a lot of attention during the year as the whole community cheered her on, from the lowest of lows to some of the highest of highs.

Lynn Money nominated by Sarah Thompson
Lynn has been a volunteer with Cancer Support Community since February 2018. Lynn makes a difference to so many people impacted by cancer. Her experience as a cancer survivor gives her a much stronger connection to the participants she encounters. She is instrumental in making others feel so welcome and important and really listens to cancer patients and survivors.

Darnell Parker nominated by Amy Lane
Darnell Parker is Loveland High School’s girls’ varsity basketball coach. Throughout his cancer journey, he has used social media to share gratitude, remind us to find a little joy every day, tell someone each day you love them, and give lots of hugs. Darnell can beat anything and being back on the court is his ultimate therapy!


Leigh Ann Pfetzer nominated by Haley Holmes
Leigh Ann has been through many obstacles in life. She has decided to face many treatments with bravery and grace. Despite her circumstances, she refuses to carry any bitterness. We have laughed together… and also cried together. It is an absolute privilege that she has trusted us with her care. We enjoy her brightness in our office.

Angela Stone nominated by Karen Butler
Angela has a vibrant personality and exudes positivity. She hasn’t let cancer stop her from letting other patients know they are thought of, cared for, and loved. She offers gifts as a token to brighten the days of staff and patients. Her smiling face and positive attitude have brightened the days of many of our staff and patients. She has cancer but it doesn’t have her. Everyone needs an Angela in their life.

Beth Webster nominated by Dr. Manish Bhandari
Beth is an amazing person, inside and out. A wonderful mother, supportive, loving wife, and a great friend. In 2018, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Leiomyosarcoma when she was 33 years old. Through it all, she continues to smile and touch the hearts of everyone she meets. She has such courage. Someone with whom others look up to and aspire to be in their own lives. She has made this world and all of us better for having known her.

Greg Wheeler nominated by Krista Rush & Pam Hilgeman
Greg is compassionate and caring. When he is receiving treatment, he always speaks to the person next to him, offering conversation to ease their worries or concerns. He has often said that if he can offer a little bit of hope to those struggling with cancer, then he has fulfilled his purpose.


Aubrey Willis nominated by Dr. Melissa Erickson
There are some patients, that when you see their names on your clinic schedule, immediately make you smile.  Audrey Willis is one such patient. No matter the challenge, Aubrey has always jumped headfirst into things, researching treatment options, trusting in her providers, but always doing so with a positive mindset. It is patients like Audrey who continually inspire you to keep learning, to help other cancer survivors like herself be as healthy as possible, and to always keep smiling.