Unsung Heroes Class of 2021

Oncology Professionals

Holly Ammann
Angela Bashada
Lisa Beiting
Heather Bennett
Dr. Caroline Billingsley
Christy Boian
Brenda Boone
Misty Bostic
Dr, Randy Drosick
Dr. Melissa Erickson
Dr. Edward Faber
Jerry Flynn
Dr. Natalie Geier
Mary Heinichen
Sharon Hessler
Denise Johnson
Alie Match
Laura Parker-Jacobs
Jen Parkhurst – Waters
Carrie Pierce
Yehudit Rothman
Dr. Arun Sendilnathan
Mary Sue Verhagen
Dr. John Winkelmann


Liz Bonis
Margaret Bonner
Donna Daniels
Diane Dawson
Nancy Dennery
Janet Filbrun
Dana LaCoste
Debbie Lambert
Sharlene Osinski
Jim Pfaller
Roxana Rice
Ian Sellers
Wayne Walker
Andrea Wirsing


Madison Benjamin
Cheryl Broadnax
Jim Daniels
Jennifer Delehanty
Tony Dogan
William Glancy
Torben Hansen
Jody Harmon
Ted Martin
Thomas Navin
Tim Rice
Amanda Roberson
Michelle Ruscher
Ben Spilman
Vanessa Taylor
Randy Thaman
Don Williams

Oncology Professionals

Holly Ammann nominated by Michelle Strole and Lori Gasparec 

Holly Ammann has been with the Christ Hospital since 1988 and has worked in the Cancer Center for quite some time.  Her wealth of knowledge and connections within the hospital is a blessing for the patients. She is known as “Holiday Holly” because she is the decorator for holidays and special occasions in the Cancer Center. She makes patients feel special by celebrating the patients’ birthdays with treats and decorations.

Lisa Beiting nominated by Brian Cervenka 

Lisa has been a wonderful part of the head and neck team at UCCC for years. She works tremendously hard for cancer patients and never misses a day. Her co-workers describe her as the backbone of their cancer program.

Heather Bennett nominated by Dr. Ed Crane 

Heather is a nurse practitioner at the TriHealth Cancer Institute.  She has an incredible work ethic and dedication.  Between following up on labs and scans even on her days off and vacation, making personal calls to patients after clinic to review their results, or just holding a patient’s hand when a difficult situation is at hand, Heather always goes above and beyond expectations.  She fiercely moves through her workday tackling complex situations with a pleasant and supportive demeanor.

Dr. Caroline Billingsley nominated by Tracey Fischer

Dr. Billingsley provides unparalleled care for her patients. She has always been there for her patients, through the ups and the downs of treatments. She and her staff always take the time necessary to address concerns, talk about their families, and even just tell a joke here and there.

Christy Boian nominated by Sarah Werk 

Christy is the glue that holds the Bethesda Butler office together. She is extremely hard-working, organized, and reliable. She keeps the office laughing with her amusing and witty attitude. Christy often stays after hours to ensure patients’ needs are met.  She is a joy to work with.

Brenda Boone nominated by Sarah Parker 

Brenda Boon brings a light to the cancer center for staff and patients. This light shines through in everything she does; and empowers all staff to fulfill our calling as healers to the best of our ability.

Misty Bostic nominated by Jennifer Scott 

Misty is the Lead Social Worker at The Christ Hospital.  Every day Misty has a smile on her face, a pep in her step, and kind words of support for every person she touches.  She works hard to connect every patient and family to the services that are best suited to help them through their cancer journey.

Dr. Randy Drosick nominated by Rodney and Bonnie Fightmaster

When Rodney was diagnosed with cancer over three years ago, he never imagined that he would have needed his old friend, Dr. Drosick’s, professional care.  Randy and his staff found a study for Rodney and turned everything over to his research staff. Dr. Drosick would keep Rodney up to date on all the new studies, medicines, and research on drugs and treatment. Randy is always available for Rodney, not just as a patient but a friend.

Dr. Melissa Erickson nominated by Michelle Kirschner 

Dr. Melissa Erickson focuses all her energy on improving the lives of cancer survivors and caregivers in the region.  Individuals that see her feel like their needs are being heard.  She cares for the whole individual and often addresses the areas that are really important to the patient and impact their quality of life.  She promotes innovation and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of care for cancer survivors.

Dr. Edward Faber nominated by Pat Roetgger

Dr. Faber is a ray of hope for his patients. He is always prepared to talk about game plans, such as the testing needed, and always gives his patients options. He is always upfront with his direction and gives his patients hope.

Jerry Flynn nominated by Stacy Shawhan

Jerry is the type of person who knows everyone by name and constantly checks in with the staff to see how everyone is doing. He is easy to talk to and helps assist management with projects that will help to improve patient care, but also the work-life balance of the staff.

Dr. Natalie Geier nominated by Michelle Strole

Natalie has the most upbeat personality and is a great teacher. Some of the patients she has taken care of have complex medical and emotional needs and Dr. Geier takes the time to make sure all those needs get met. Dr. Grier has always gone above and beyond to make sure her patients are taken care of.

Mary Heinichen nominated by Michelle Ruscher

Mary is a Financial Navigator with TriHealth’s Cancer Institute. Mary goes above and beyond every day to support patients who are facing cancer and potentially very high out-of-pocket hurdles that can be very stressful when dealing with a cancer journey. Mary works long hours to take care of patients’ needs.  She is devoted to helping patients every day!

Sharon Hessler is being nominated by Michelle Strole, and Lori Gasparec

For more than 30 years, Sharon has gone above and beyond to make sure the complex needs of her patients are met.  Sharon has a big heart which shows in the way she cares for her patients. There are days in the clinics when it can be very challenging, but Sharon is the rock that gets things done.

Denise Johnson nominated by Stacy Shawhan

Denise goes above and beyond the basic requirements of a clinical operations manager. Denise is to thank for many behind-the-scenes operations that tend to go unnoticed but are so important for the functioning of the clinics. She is a very hard worker and an incredible asset to the team.

Alie Match nominated by Stacy Shawhan

Alie’s positivity and upbeat attitude are noticed by everyone she interacts with, and she makes the whole workplace a happier place to be. Alie is a skilled counselor, always listening actively to her patients (and sometimes her coworkers!) with empathy. She is an expert when it comes to oncology nutrition and passed her CSO exam last year—a credential that less than 1% of dietitians in Ohio hold.

Laura Parker-Jacobs nominated by Syed A. Ahmad

Laura is a tireless advocate for patients and their families.  At a time when patients are scared, confused, and anxious, Laura is there to calm them down and instill confidence in them.  She exemplifies compassion, hope, and teamwork.

Jen Parkhurst – Waters nominated by Stacy Shawhan

Jen is so supportive, encourages her employees to push themselves to achieve more, and is just an overall inspiring person. A lot of her efforts go underappreciated because as a manager, she is obligated to deal with negative feedback. She is always problem-solving and thinking of ways to make our patients’ cancer journeys a little more bearable.

Carrie Pierce, nominated by Michelle Ruscher

Michelle met Carrie when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2022. She had to undergo chemo as a part of her treatment, but Michelle was blessed with Carrie Pierce, aka Fierce Peirce, as her Infusion Nurse. Carrie is a caring, giving, attentive, dedicated infusion nurse who goes above and beyond to take care of her patients. Carrie made Michelle’s chemo and cancer journey memorable, in a good way!

Yehudit Rothman nominated by Soma Sengupta 

Yehudit goes the extra mile for brain tumor patients. Every week, she contacts patients, even those people not on her schedule to see whether they need additional help. Yehudit provides patients with a smooth and compassionate journey.

Dr. Arun Sendilnathan nominated by Amanda Roberson

Dr. Sendilnathan sees each patient as a part of his family and treats each one as if they truly are. He does not look past his patients and validates their feelings while being honest about the difficulties ahead.  He will tell you that he has a heart for the sickest patients.  You won’t find that just anywhere.

Mary Sue Verhagen nominated by Richard Curry

Mary Sue puts forth so much effort in the overall care of brain tumor patients. Her calm demeanor and compassionate personality fit so well in this field. When thinking of going above and beyond one’s call of duty, one sees Mary Sue. All the days/evenings spent taking care of the piles of work do not go unnoticed. All the patients’ lives, along with their families, are better because of her.

Dr. John Winkelmann nominated by Sharri Butcher

Dr. Winkelmann exhibits compassionate care for some of the sickest of his patients – those with acute leukemia and high-risk lymphoma.  These patients go through so much, and Dr. Winkelmann has been there as a beacon to ensure they receive the best care possible and to encourage them along the way.


Liz Bonis, nominated by Nancy Wright. Liz works tirelessly to help inform the tristate area on all the latest information about breast cancer. She stood by Nancy throughout her treatment and helped her choose the surgeon, oncologist, and radiologist who would be best for her.

Margaret Bonner, nominated by Carol Bonner. Margaret (Meg), co-founded Pets for Patients in 2016.  She has not only helped with setting up the non-profit but has been hands-on in countless ways. She is generous with her time and donates out of her own pocket when she finds that a family may need extra help. She has also been very generous with secret Santa gifts to CCHMC.  No request is too big or too small.  Meg always finds a way to help.

Donna Daniels nominated by Stacy Shawhan

When her husband, Jim, was diagnosed with cancer, he found out that Donna had “volunteered” him for the intensive Prehabilitation Program at UCCC. Surprise! Since then, they have made some fantastic changes to better the quality of their lives. Donna and Jim make an incredible team and have handled the stress of Jim’s diagnosis with flying colors.

Diane Dawson, nominated by Haley Holmes.

Diane is currently taking care of her mom, Catherine. Diane takes her mom to all her appointments and encourages her throughout treatment. Despite being wheelchair-bound at the time of diagnosis, Catherine can now walk on her own. Diane has provided excellent care to her mom and shown inspiration to those around her.


Nancy Dennery nominated by Dr. Arun Sendilnathan

Ms. Dennery, who is 76 years old and a retired Math teacher, is truly an inspiration for families taking care of their loved ones going through medical problems. Nancy has been a pillar of strength for her daughter who is battling cancer and MS.  She is an amazing person that deserves to be celebrated.

Janet Filbrun, nominated by Gina Young

​​Since her husband, Rex’s, diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma in 2017, not once has Janet ever left his side. She knows exactly what is going on in his care, when and where he needs to be, and she always finds a way to get him there.  She is a true advocate and dedicated caregiver!

Dana LaCoste nominated by Dianne LaCoste 

Since her partner, Jody’s, diagnosis in February 2020, Dana has worked nonstop to make sure she has done all she can for Jody. When COVID started to shut down visitors at the hospital, Dana was the only one allowed to visit. She started to work from home, caring for their two dogs, and she started working from the hospital on her laptop to be by Jody’s side.

Debbie Lambert nominated by Dr. Ed Crane

It is difficult enough to have just one parent diagnosed with cancer.  Debbie has had both of her parents diagnosed with cancer.   Debbie has been there for both of them — through it all.   She is thoughtful and compassionate.   In the midst of providing incredible attention and care to her parents, she has been making meals for her mother-in-law and helping the family deal with the recent loss of her father-in-law.

Sharlene Osinski nominated by Joanie Manzo and Amanda Caldwell

To be a caregiver for someone who has cancer is not an easy task but one that many are called to do. For Sharlene, it was the care of her beloved husband Paul, who passed away from lymphoma in 2018. In May 2020 Sharlene began sewing more than 2,000 masks for OHC patients immediately and supplied delicious baked goods to support the staff.  Sharlene’s compassion shines through in all she does.

Jim Pfaller nominated by Yehudit Rothman

Jim was always available for every one of his wife’s appointments, for every test and nothing seemed too much. His positive attitude shined through even when things got very tough. Always rooting for his wife, taking care of her emotional and physical needs until the end. Jim was an exemplary caregiver to his wife until her recent passing.

Roxana Rice nominated by Stacy Shawhan

Roxana has put so much effort into caring for her loved one, Tim, after his diagnosis; learning about healthy nutrition; taking a terrible situation and making the best of it. Roxana and Tim both participate regularly in PanCAN events including the 5K in Cincinnati, as well as community events held by the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center.

Ian Sellers nominated by Julie Nicholson

Right before his high school graduation, Ian’s mother, Julie, received her diagnosis. The first thing he said to her was “I want to take you to your chemo treatments.” He planned his college schedule around her appointments and would make sure to be home to take her. Even with Julie’s cancer in remission, Ian continues to go to appointments with her. His heart and soul are that of a very caring, kind, giving person.

Wayne Walker nominated by Sarah Werk

Over the last two years, Wayne has shown a deep commitment to caring for his mother, Bessie, through her journey with cancer. Wayne comes to all her appointments; ensures she arrives on time and calls right away with any symptoms she may be having. Wayne is a dedicated, kind son who has shown great organization skills and commitment to his mother.

Andrea Wirsing nominated by Michelle Ruscher

When Andrea’s older sister, Michelle, was diagnosed in June 2020 she had no hesitation jumping in to help. Andrea was ‘her person’ when it was time to meet with the surgeon and oncologist.  Andrea helped Michelle have the best cancer journey possible — one that was not consumed with worry but only positiveness, love, support, and care.


Andrea Wirsing nominated by Michelle Ruscher

When Andrea’s older sister, Michelle, was diagnosed in June 2020 she had no hesitation jumping in to help. Andrea was ‘her person’ when it was time to meet with the surgeon and oncologist.  Andrea helped Michelle have the best cancer journey possible — one that was not consumed with worry but only positiveness, love, support, and care.


Cheryl Broadnax nominated by Colin Groth and Brittany Speed 

Cheryl was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the summer of 2020. Despite receiving such a devastating blow, a life that will likely never truly be cancer-free, Cheryl has faced this challenge with composure and grace. She has a smile and a laugh so infectious that most might never realize the difficulties she is facing.

Jim Daniels, nominated by Stacy Shawhan.

Through the Prehabilitation Program at UCCC Jim and his wife Donna have made some fantastic changes to better the quality of their lives. Additionally, Jim produces some of the most detailed and complex diet spreadsheets.  Jim and Donna have handled the stress of Jim’s diagnosis with flying colors.

Jennifer Delehanty nominated by Dr. Ed Crane

Jen is passionate and dedicated regarding the care patients with cancer receive.  She knows first-hand what they and their families go through as she is a cancer survivor herself.  Her experience provides an important aspect of insight that allows her to guide patients and provide education regarding what to expect.

Tony Dogan was nominated by The Christ Hospital Medical Nurses: Michelle Strole, Lori Gasparec, Holly Ammann, Diane Detmer, and Bonnie Reed and the Front Desk staff: Debbie Collins and Sara Shepard.

Tony has the personality of a happy-go-lucky person. Tony always lights up a room with his jokes and personality. He is friendly to other patients and always engages with them and tries to make people feel good about themselves.

William Glancy nominated by Yehudit Rothman

Bill always greets his nurses and doctors with a smile even when he is not feeling well from his immunotherapy or other comorbidities. He is constantly thinking of other patients and asking how he can give back. While Mr. Glancy continues his own journey fighting cancer, he is always thinking of others.

Torben Hansen nominated by The Christ Hospital Medical Nurses: Michelle Strole, Lori Gasparec, Holly Ammann, Diane Detmer, and Bonnie Reed and the Front Desk staff: Debbie Collins and Sara Shepard

Torben has gone through many chemotherapy treatments and surgery, and he is still fighting today. Torben has a video on YouTube: walking hand in hand with cancer to help patients with this journey. Torben is always pleasant, polite and has a smile on his face every time his nurses see him.

Jody Harmon nominated by Dianne LaCoste

Jody has stayed positive and kept a log on paper as well as on her Facebook page when her journey began.  She has been a true fighter and an inspiration to many as she always wears a smile. Cancer is hard enough and then adding cancer in the midst of a pandemic is a lot! With all of this Jody still has a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

Ted Martin nominated by Jennifer Riddell

Ted has always been very receptive and willing to learn how to better himself.  Ted is 86 years old and has flown through his treatment without a hitch.  He is still very active, always working with anything he can get his hands on.  His smile lights up the office when he is here.

Thomas Navin nominated by Kaitlin Pielage

Tom is a kind and selfless man. Although he has been battling his own chronic conditions for years, he has still been working as Santa Claus for a homeless shelter for many years. He is a selfless, compassionate person who has given his time and career to caring for others. He is upbeat and positive, even when feeling down, and is a role model for many.

Tim Rice nominated by Stacy Shawhan

Tim is one of the most determined and dedicated patients. He and his wife Roxana both put so much effort into learning about healthy nutrition, taking a terrible situation, and making the best of it. Tim has a fighting spirit that has not only helped him in his own journey but also others.

Amanda Roberson nominated by Amanda Telinda and Dr. Arun Sendilnathan

Amanda Roberson radiates positivity and has a sense of calm that makes those around her feel at home. No matter what this terrible disease has thrown at her, it has never shattered her faith, her hope, or her love. She works as a schoolteacher and never gave up her passion during these tough times of her struggle with cancer.

Michelle Ruscher nominated by Sarah Werk

Michelle is a huge inspiration to those around her. She has been able to manage her cancer over the last year while maintaining her positive attitude. She brings joy with her whenever she visits the office, and that doesn’t include the treats she brings the workers! Michelle has been a go-getter from the very first treatment and she has never lost that momentum.

Ben Spilman nominated by Christine Leak 

Through his cancer journey, he has remained positive and strong. He was even able to return to work while going through treatment. He continued to serve and protect our community, as a police officer, even though he was fighting cancer.

Vanessa Taylor nominated by Sanya Webb

Though Cancer was not on her agenda, Vanessa never let it stray her from being an amazing mother and wife.  Vanessa maintained a fighting spirit that powered her through her chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  She always had an uplifting attitude and a smile on her face, no matter how tough the course that lay ahead. Her big heart and love for helping others are a blessing and an inspiration.

Randy Thaman nominated by Craig Roberts

Since his cancer diagnosis Randy explains his life now as “+28, +29, etc.” – i.e., the number of months of living past the date the doctors indicated that he would likely have passed away.  Yet, here he is, before you this evening, with one primary goal in mind – to live to +48 and beyond to make lasting memories with his recently born granddaughter.

Don Williams nominated by Jennifer Riddell 

Don always has a positive attitude and is always so appreciative of all the care he receives.  He had a very rough start to his journey.  Yet even after all he went through in the beginning, he always remained positive with a smile on his face.  He is always so humble, thinking that we always have someone else worse off than he is, and never complains about anything.